A wooden jet plane needs a kid’s imagination to make it soar! The Decorate Your Own Wooden Jet Plane from Melissa & Doug that Alexander got for his birthday last week, is a blank slate for your child to paint his airborne fantasies on. His personalized jet plane model will be like nobody else’s – and thus, a favorite toy. At least, that’s what I’d like to think.

The DYO Wooden Jet Plane kit has everything you need to get started: glue to assemble the wooden parts, four colours of paint, and aviation-themed stickers. The stickers help even the smallest kids to get a cool-looking result, so they’ll be eager to show off their little stunt plane to friends. The instructions are simple enough for a child who can read to follow on his own. And then, once the paint is dry, it’s time for some high-flying fun!

The Melissa & Doug DYO Wooden Jet Plane kit is a great activity for a rainy afternoon indoors – or, get a few Melissa & Doug DYO sets for a birthday party! For ages 4 and up.

The wooden jet plane is available here along with other nice designs from the brand Melissa & Doug.

Thanks Julie! Alexander loves his present and enjoys playing with it!

Jet plane

Melissa and Doug

Wooden jet plane


Wooden jet plane

Finished! He did such a great job and really enjoyed it!