Us mums – sure do have a lot to juggle. A big part of that is the actual physical side of making sure everything is covered. Between play dates, school runs, medical appointments, grocery shopping, sporting activities and all the other kit and caboodle that comes with family life, mums can often find they have a heavy load to carry. And I mean that in the most literal sense!

The best bags for mums can make life so much easier, whether you have a baby, a toddler or a bunch of children to look after. Of course part and parcel of caring for them means ferrying all their stuff around – as well as your own.

In addition to making sure everyone is fed, watered and entertained – while ensuring they have a clean home to live in and freshly laundered clothes to wear – mums are also women. As such we at least sometimes want to look as pretty as possible when we head out the door don’t we?!

My favourite mum bag brand at the moment (and has been for quite a while now) is Studio Noos. I honestly have one in almost every single colour and I keep adding to the collection. Even Alexander has items from Studio Noos.

The Dutch brand Studio Noos is dedicated to fashionable and practical diaper bags or mum bags and accessories for mothers.

At Studio Noos you will find the most beautiful hand and bags for the stroller, the super soft and the toll, the diaper bags, the changing pads and more. The label works with a wide variety of fabrics, so there is a suitable bag for every taste. The diaper bags from Studio Noos can also be used as shopping bags or travel bags for small day trips, they are big enough for every adventure. The fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified and wonderfully soft.

The mum bags are a real must have for every mother!

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