So much has been happening behind the scenes at Les enfants a Paris over the last few months, well make that 2 years, and I just noticed the same applies to Sian Zeng. She recently revealed their highly anticipated and newest addition to their collection of mural wallpapers and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

As you know wallpaper has never gone out of style. But it’s also had a hard time shedding its reputation as old-fashioned and intimidatingly permanent— until now that is. Wallpaper, and perhaps the design industry in general, is simultaneously loosening up and embracing nostalgia. It seems that everything that’s old is new again, and there are no rules anymore. Today, wallpaper represents the harmonious union between timeless design and youthful innovation, depth and buoyancy.

So if you’ve been avoiding it because it seems impossible to take down or could make a home feel dated, we’re here to change your minds. Aside from architectural nuances and major renovations, wallpaper is the best way to personalise a room. Whether it’s your living-room, dining room, your or your children’s bedrooms or any other room. Its sole purpose is to breathe life into a space and make it feel like your own. If anything, the revival of wallpaper tells us it’s time to be fearless and have a little fun. 

Inspired by the elegance and grace of Tchaikovsky’s ballet, Sian Zeng’s new Swan Lake collection is an enchanting mural wallpaper that invites you to bring art, nature and tranquility into the home.

As with all of their collections, Swan Lake demonstrates a unique fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetics. The beautiful scene of swans amongst the lilies was hand painted by the incredibly talented Siberia-based painter Irina Vakuleva who studied at the prestigious Academy of Architecture and Art in Novosibirsk. 

Many weeks were spent creating a design that could accommodate interiors of varying sizes. The swans are positioned high above a large area of lilies so that they are visible when furniture is positioned directly in front. For rooms with lower ceilings, wallpaper can be trimmed from the sky section at the top or from the lilies area at the bottom.

Painted at 100% scale, Irina covered her bedroom walls with paper in order to produce her exquisite artwork at this size. At Sian Zeng, they have adapted her painting into a high quality wallpaper. Up close, even the finest brush stroke is visible, as though it was hand painted directly onto the wallpaper. The result is a beautiful large-scale work of art, suitable for both residential and hospitality settings.

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