From the moment they were born, many children have had a favourite cuddle that they won’t part with. Usually this is a stuffed animal, but it can also be a cloth, blanket or some other toy. As a parent, you may be able to direct your child towards a certain toy to some extent, for example by placing the same cuddle within eyesight in the bassinet. But when your child reaches the 7-month mark, he or she will be choosing their own favourite toy that they will become attached to. It has become clear that a cuddle is not just a toy buddy, it also stimulates a child’s social and emotional development.

A cuddly toy will give your child a feeling of safety. When parents are not around, you see that little ones quickly grope for their cuddly toy. They see the toy as a replacement of their parents, because it is always there. In other tense situations a cuddly toy can offer protection, too. For example, there are plenty of children who are scared of sleeping in the dark. If they can nestle up with the cuddly toy, it can literally help them get through the night.

A cuddly toy can also make a great contribution towards becoming independent. This also has to do with the feeling of security the cuddly toy offers. A child attributes certain characteristics to his or her cuddly toy, which are often characteristics that he or she has not developed yet. In the eyes of a child, the cuddly toy is very brave, which helps to explore boundaries. For example, it can be quite exciting to go down the slide alone. But together with their cuddly toy – or if the cuddly toy goes first – it’s not that scary.

A favourite cuddly toy can also be your child’s best friend. No wonder the first thing your child asks for when they’re hurt or in pain, is their cuddly toy. After all, the cuddly toy offers comfort. Once children have developed their imagination, a cuddly toy also often acts as a co-star in their own role play scenes. The cuddly toy eats a meal at the table, they put it to bed or they try to comfort it. This is an important tool for social and emotional development.

We recently came across the German brand Senger Naturwelt.

Senger Naturwelt was founded by Sabine and Volker Senger over 30 years ago in Hesse, Germany. Their traditional yet beautiful soft toys and accessories are handmade using only the finest of natural materials including pure sheep’s wool and organic cotton in addition to meeting strict quality, safety and pollutant controls to ensure their toys are completely safe for children of all ages. Senger Naturwelt are also committed to high levels of workmanship, sustainability and supporting local suppliers when possible.

It’s very important to Sabine and Volker Senger to provide children with lifelong friends that are able to withstand endless hours of play and millions of cuddles. Senger Naturwelt soft toys are made to last a lifetime so that they can continue to provide warmth and protection for an eternity if needed.

Shop the collection here.

Photo’s taken by our dear friend Emily Kornya.

Emily is known for her natural and playful style of her photos, letting the kids be themselves, be imaginative and react naturally to their environments. She loves interacting with the children and enjoys engaging and playing with them while shooting.

Emily works all over the world with frequent clients in; Berlin, Florence, London, New York, Paris, Poznań, Toronto … and is always happy to travel more!