Let your little one enjoy the style and fun of days-gone-by as they zoom around in their first pedal car. These elegant vintage kids cars are perfect for boys and girls. They come in a range of bright colours with a fun classic design reminiscent of the early days of car travel. These stylish retro pedal cars are made entirely of metal, making them solid and stable and giving you full security that your little one can zip around in complete safety. The pedals are adjustable, so your child’s beloved first car will grow with them as they discover the world around.

The fun can’t be stopped

The 1930s was a time of innovation and discovery and the invention of the motor car played an important role. The classic design of those first cars brings back memories of a bygone era of excitement and curiosity. Simple, clean lines, bright colours, shiny metal and two big gleaming headlights at the front, like wide, curious eyes seeking out the world. These classic pedal cars have a personality all their own and will be your child’s faithful friend through many wonderful adventures.

As they take their first unsteady steps, what freedom to whizz around in their own little car. Pushed at first, perhaps, by a parent or older sibling, then learning to use the pedals themselves. Tentatively to begin with, but soon gaining confidence and revelling in the freedom of exploring the world on their own. Just like those first car owners, feeling like kings and queens of the world, but, never fear, these solidly-built metal pedal cars will withstand the inevitable bumps and scrapes.

It’s a whole new world!

We all know how great it feels to own your first vehicle, whether it’s a fun ride-on plane or fire engine or one of these chic classic pedal cars. What a perfect step towards riding your first tricycles or bike. Why not really look the part, too, with our retro hat and goggles. Your little ones will feel like proper racing car drivers, so start them on their race with our checkered flag and don’t forget the classic retro horn to warn everyone they’re coming by. The experience is completed with as stop at the Gaz pump, just like mum and dad. 

Childhood is full of new adventures and experiences. Our first toys stay in our minds, reminding us of all those precious moments. As our children grow, they watch us and love to copy the adults around them. While still being little, they adore feeling grown-up.

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Photo’s taken by our dear friend Emily Kornya.

Emily is known for her natural and playful style of her photos, letting the kids be themselves, be imaginative and react naturally to their environments. She loves interacting with the children and enjoys engaging and playing with them while shooting.

Emily works all over the world with frequent clients in; Berlin, Florence, London, New York, Paris, Poznań, Toronto … and is always happy to travel more!