You can now create your own perfect doll – it can look like your child herself, her favourite celebrity or imaginary friend –  Being able to choose from so many variations of eye colour, hair colour, hairstyle and skin tone, La Lalla literally allows you to use your imagination to create a bespoke individual product for your daughter to cherish throughout her childhood.

The magical La Lalla experience does not just end there however! After you have chosen how you want your new look alike best friend to look, La Lalla also offer an amazing range of clothing and accessories not only to fit your doll but the SAME matching outfit for your daughter as well – this creating a truly magical bond between your child and her doll. And even mummies can order a matching dress… How cool?!

Create your own doll

How to start? Create a doll, choose the clothes and pick some accessoires et voila! Yes, it’s that easy!

La Lalla

Once you have purchased one of La Lalla’s dolls, you may buy different clothing for every season and occasion (holidays, birthdays, beach, sleep, winter, summer and more!). The dresses are made according to their designs and are sewn in Poland! Yes, that’s w

I’m convinced (like the price as well!!) and about to order one for my daughter. Stay tuned for a review!

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Create your own doll

And no, not only dresses, they have some leisure sets in their collection as well.

Me and my doll

What do you think about this concept? Would you order this for your daughter?