Childhood is a time for dreams and adventures. For this, Baghera creates pedal cars, retro style that will inspire children and adults. Surrounded by a team of talented and enthusiastic designers, they create every year new pedal cars, ride-ons and wooden toys. Every product is the result of several hours of work, either for the conception, the design or the implementation. Baghera pays special attention to the quality of the production and the safety of children. Something that we find very important.

And as you might know from our previous post it was love at the first sight when we first ‘met’ Baghera!!!

Baghera legend cars are definitely the coolest ride toys for children but did you know they have pull along wagons available as well?! Beautiful metal wagons that are very stable. Pull along your favourite toys, brother or sister! Endless fun for children.


[All photo’s taken by Emily Kornya]


The wagon is perfect for when you want to take your brother for a ride.. Meet Baby Issac.

Baghera wagon

Baghera wagon and the dress is by Emile et Ida

Baghera wagon

Emilia wearing a dress by Macarons


Emily Kornya Photography