Oh, don’t we all want our children to have fun, lots of fun, because nothing in this world is better than putting a smile on your four-year-old’s face, but, often in order for them to learn, grow and have as much fun as possible, we have to let them do a few things on their own.

Children like to mimic their parents, act a little bit like us, and what better way to do that than driving around in their very own pedal cars? We think childrens’ pedal cars are probably the coolest way for any young child to get around and even in the big city, that is possible!

Pedal cars for children come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and styles. A fire engine. A tow truck. A race car. Whichever personality your child might possess — a gentleman, a debutante — there’s likely a customized pedal car to fit their sprouting identity.



Kénan met up with us to test Alexander’s new Baghera race car.

[T-shirt by Hitchhiker, jeans by I dig denim, sandals by Bisgaard]

Alexander and Sharon

Everyone was allowed to have a ride, Sharon as well.

[Alexander; Marmar Copenhagen via The Little Nordic Shop and shoes by Bbk– Sharon; top and shorts by Elsy]


Les enfants a Paris

This gorgeous Le Mans Racing Red Pedal Car by Baghera is so stylish we really wish we could fit in ourselves! So well constructed with a fantastic finish, we just love this toy pedal car.

All photo’s taken by Emily kornya, a very talented children’s fashion photographer, based in Paris.