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I love writing about new clothes, and nothing gives me more pleasure than getting a new collection notification in to look at and start prepping for.

But something that I’m always conscious of is that just because the new season is out the old seasons don’t suddenly become out dated. Of course shops and brands need to update their collections but we’re talking a matter of months here an good quality clothes don’t suddenly become bad quality clothes because we’ve moved from Summer to Autumn/Winter.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that you can still get some great clothes from last season. Clothes that will compliment this season, and the season before and if you take the time to look there are plenty of web shops with superb sales.

You have to find the balance, there’s always the risk of buying something for your children (or for you) you don’t really love just because it’s a bargain, but if you spend a little time planning ahead you can pick up pieces you can wear now and next season?

Key trends stick around, so a sale is a good way to snap them up. Don’t you agree?

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New and Old seasons - Louis

I just love this street in Paris! Louis is wearing a shirt by Iglo+Indi.

Rima in Aarrekid

Aarrekid via Dino Deluxe

Morgane [left] is wearing a dress by Aarrekid via Dino Deluxe and Rima [right] is wearing a T-shirt and leggings by Aarrekid as well.

Louis in Iglo Indi

Cutie Louis is wearing a shirt by Iglo+Indi.

The wild one

Rima is wearing a Fringe Dress by PetitBo combined with leggings by Aarrekid.

Iglo Indi

Louis is wearing a shirt by Iglo+Indi combined with his jeans by Zara and Bonpoint sandals.


Morgane is wearing a T-shirt by PetitBo.

Iglo Indi

Louis in his Iglo Indi hoodie.

All photographs are taken by Isa Battaglin from LillyK. Photography, a Los Angeles based children’s fashion, commercial and portrait photographer.