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I absolutely love the look of black clothing-whether its black on black, or paired with another colour (most especially burgundy), its definitely something I wear often and like more than any other single colour.

(Note: Although I’m well aware that black, technically speaking, isn’t even an actual colour but rather an absorption of all colours {which, by the way, makes it even more cool}, I’ll still be referring to it as a colour throughout this post.)

Without further ado, here is why black is my happy colour:

  • I always feel more confident in black than any other colour. Black clothing without a doubt always makes a statement; its bold, expressive, and striking. Everything about black clothing pieces scream elegance, confidence and originality.
  • Black is bold and makes a statement all on its own. Being someone who has grown into a bit of wallflower as a teenager, I love finding ways such as in wearing favorite fashion pieces, to express myself. As black is an absorption of all colours, yet turns out a unique shade all its own, its a little representational of my personality as well.
  • It creates an interesting contrast with my fair skin. I’ve heard it said many times that those of us who are fair skinned should avoid black clothing as it can wash us out, but I disagree. Instead of washing someone out who is pale, it can look stunning; when balanced out well, there is an dynamic contrast between those skin and clothing tones. (Random reminder: don’t let how you look limit what kind of clothing you wear. If you wanna rock a certain colour, go for it with confidence, gorgeous.)
  • Its aesthetic and artistic. As pink often is the colour for girlishness, and blue for what colours the skies, black, to me, represents not only quiet boldness but also depth, beauty, simplicity, and mystery. Wearing that coluor makes me aware of and love those things as the imaginative, art-loving person I am.

Get inspired by the new editorial that Lisa from Milano submitted to us. Black is my happy colour.


Black is my happy colour

Model: Ariel G – Annaemme agency – Photographer Pietro Branchi

Clothes by Armani Kids, shoes by Gallucci Shoes.