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Secret hideaways can create some of the best memories for children creating a hidden place to read a book, write secret messages, pick flowers, play, and imagine. Did you have a secret place when you were young? I did. 

So why not work with your children to discover or create a secret hideaway as a fun after school or weekend activity. It’s a perfect way to spend time together talking, creating and sharing building or even gardening skills. Most importantly, once it’s done your kids or grandkids will spend HOURS having fun in their own private space.

If you are lucky, you might find someplace in the garden, neighborhood, local park, or nearby forest preserve that is naturally secluded and safe – a nook in the garden, a small cove, a grove of trees. Go on a hunt together to see if you can find one. If so, help your children make sure the area is clean and then help your children “personalise” it. Bury some secret treasures in the ground. Plant some pretty flowers or mark the area with large rocks. Leave a waterproof box with a flashlight, some comic books, and some toys.

Have your children read the book The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This book is over 100 years old but still holds appeal because a secret garden is magical. Fairies might appear, cute creatures might visit, or your best friend might whisper an important secret. Psst: You can download The Secret Garden ebook for free from Project Gutenberg, if you want to read it.

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