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La rentree isn’t just about school. It’s also the time of year where children decide what clubs and after school activities they want to do. For Alexander is was easy, music and tennis.

It will be his first time doing music, but he started playing tennis last year and he enjoys it. Though it has to be said tennis isn’t the easiest sport for young children to learn. But get it right from the start and kids are likely to be lifelong players.

The key, not surprisingly, is to make sure they’re always having fun. The best way to make sure they have fun and learn well is to keep them experiencing success.

Because success is inspiring for both children and parents alike.

Photographer Charlotte Cohen took tennis players Milla and Charlyne to a lovely tennis court down in Marseille for a sunny Photo-shoot.

Get inspired.

Tennis in Marseille

Milla is wearing a bikini by Troizenfants via Kidshop.


Charlyne is wearing a bathingsuit by Flora and Henri.

Tennis in Marseille

Two beauties ready to play tennis.


Charlyne changed her bathingsuit for a bikini by Troizenfants via Kidshop.

Playing tennis

Milla’s and Charlyne’s glasses are by Babiators via Kidshop.


Bye Bye

[All photo’s taken by Charlotte Cohen]