In ten days we’ll be in Spain! Can’t wait! Already started packing our bags and ordering the last must haves for this holiday and something I just ordered is the swimFin, or shark fin as some people tend to call them.

Summer holidays are filled with children having fun splashing in the sea or the pool, but safety is key, especially as little ones learn to swim and gain confidence in the water. Wearing a SwimFin is the modern alternative to the traditional bulky armbands and rubber rings. I’ve stopped counting the times Alexander put his teeth in them so that we had to run the shop before going to the pool to get new ones… But in a couple of days our SwimFin will arrive. They are not only are they a lot of fun, the SwimFin’s unique design gives children the freedom to move their arms and legs about without any restrictions, allowing them to tackle all four strokes from their first dip!

SwinFins are worn on the back and cleverly work in harmony with the body to provide a more natural position in the water, that supports balance. A SwimFin will never slip off, and they won’t tip a child forward or back either so little ones will enjoy their new found stability.

I don’t think it will be a struggle to get children wearing a SwimFin either as they will adore being ‘little sharks’. They’ll instantly gain confidence, who wouldn’t being a shark…

SwimFin is recommended from 15 kg (1.5-2yrs) and will grow with the child as they improve, starting as a buoyancy then becoming a learn-to- swim tool allowing correct positioning in the water boosting the child’s learning also when they are already swimming.

Let’s see if Alexander can improve his swimming ability by turning into a little shark! 

The swimfin is available here

We are thinking of hosting a giveaway next week…. Would you like to win one?