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Wondering what to do outside on a rainy day? Glad you asked! Why not …

A rainy day

1. Jump in puddles

When I asked Alexander last night to tell me his favourite thing to do in the rain, “Jump in puddles.”

2. Become scientists

Alexander loves science. When it comes to spending time in the rain, he likes to head out to the curb and watch the water flow by. He is so curious where the water is heading and whether certain things he put in the water will float or sink.

3. Quack like a duck

This one may only work with the younger crowd, but my 3 ½-year-old explorer absolutely loves it. He quacks like a duck, ribbits like a frog and even makes fish faces to pretend he’s a fish.

4. Get artsy

One wet afternoon, we made rain art using paper plates, food colouring and rain droplets. Other possibilities include mud painting and making chalk drawings on the pavement. It’s also fun to create land art with wet leaves, sticks and other natural items.

5. Catch raindrops

Use a plastic pail or jar to catch raindrops. Make it a game to see who can catch the most water the fastest. Encourage kids to try catching raindrops on their tongue, too!

6. Listen to the sounds of rain

Spend a few minutes just listening to the sounds of the weather. Set out various objects (like metal, plastic and glass containers) to see how water droplets sound when they hit different surfaces.

7. Play in the mud

You might be thinking mud pies here, but my boy prefers making mud balls. That’s right, grabbing gobs of mud and running it through their fingers, then trying to throw them like snowballs. Sound fun no?!

8. Go on a safari

Wet weather brings out creatures you might not normally see, like worms and snails. It’s also fun to go searching for animals that are trying to seek shelter from the rain, like birds and spiders.

9. Take a walk

Once the puddle jumping is out of  system, Alexander also likes to walk in the rain. It’s especially fun to explore the little park next to our house, when water droplets are still all around and creatures are resurfacing from their hiding spaces.

10. Make nature boats

Sticks, small pieces of wood and leaves all make great boats. Which items make the fastest boats? Which sail the furthest?

Rainy day

Alexander and I went outside for a little walk and had fun jumping in the puddles

Rainy day

Jump in puddles

Get the look

What to do when its raining

Alexander is wearing his Mini Rodini jacket, blue T-shirt with music note printwhite shorts and his Havianas wellies.