We’ve seen a lot of cool childrens bedding, but nothing quite as imaginative as the designs created by cool Amsterdam based company Snurk (which means “to snore” in Dutch).

Designed by husband and wife team Peggy van Neer and Erik van Loo, the childrens collection features clever creations such as the trampoline, the knight, the princess, the astronaut amd more, all sure to inspire your child’s imagination. Each design features a life-size photograph printed on super soft cotton from Portugal.

Whether your little lady wants to sleep with a realistic tiara on top of her head, your little adventurer dreams of making it to the moon someday, or your children really want a trampoline (or just treat their beds like one), make sure to check out Snurk’s latest designs at Kidshop.

Have a lovely evening all and sweet dreams.



Are you ready for standing ovations in your bedroom? For this duvet Snurk collaborated with the Dutch National Ballet, considered to be one of the top 5 ballet companies of the world. Not only did they lend them one of their talented ballerina’s, but also one of their amazing handmade tutus. Plié, yawn and stretch.

knight duvet

To find this knight, SNURK went on a crusade from castle to castle to museum… to no avail. Until they ended up at Dragonheart, a medieval fellowship, hidden in the Dutch woods. There he was, ready for battle and bedtime.

Snurk Astronaut

Let the countdown begin. Underneath these sheets you will dream far beyond the stars. Because the astronaut suit that’s on there, is real. It’s not from the costume shop around the corner, but from the Space Expo Museum in Holland. So lie down, close your eyes and feel gravity decrease instantly. Houston, we have lift off!


A bed is not made for jumping. How many times do we have to say it? That’s what trampolines are for. So even a duvet cover that looks exactly like a trampoline, is of course only meant for sleeping purposes, as you will understand.