Splish-splash, the children are ready to take a bath! But who says bath time has to be all about cleaning dirty little bodies? Rev up the fun, and break out of the standard washing routine with some fun new bath toys that are popular for being safe and healthy.

You can tell Danish brand Hevea’s bath toys are more natural than the typical squeeze bath toys just by looking at them. No bright colours, plastic materials, or holes / cracks / crevices to hold moisture and bacteria. And to top it off, these bath toys are completely biodegradable, sustainable made, and free of BPA, PVC and artificial dyes.

And even though these Hevea bath toys aren’t vibrant and eye-catching, they’re made of a material that babies and children instinctively want to squeeze and, yes, even chew. And when they do, you can feel completely at ease.

Parents especially love that the one-piece design prevents water from getting sucked up into the toys, meaning no mold and bacteria to worry about. I wish I had known about these when my boy was little!

Hevea is available at the webshop Beetles & Bugs

And when your children are done with taking a bath, Beetles & Bugs has a great selection of other bathroom essentiels available here.

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