I’ve started ordering Christmas presents! Yes! It’s that time of the year already! First thing on my list was PlayShapes from a small UK design company called Miller Goodman. A unique set of 74 wooden shapes.  With these shapes you can create any number of weird and wonderful constructions and creatures. Animals? People? Faces? Vehicles? Buildings? Abstract? Where-ever the imagination takes you. I can’t wait until he openes his pressie!

Zoe Miller and David Goodman are two English designers passionate about encouraging the imagination and creativity through play in children’s and adults young at heart, through books, toys, and beautiful objects made with the finest materials, and perfectly designed. Four years ago, they founded their own brand, Miller Goodman, to create and produce educational, colourful, modern, inspiring. What toys!

Wooden blocks like Playshapes, Shapemaker and the the Facemaker, are available at Orange Mayonnaise.

Have fun playing!