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Yes, my order from the new Dutch label Little 10days arrived last week! I’m so excited! It’s really as beautiful as it looks on the photographs! I mean, you never know right?!

Inspired on comfort & fun or as you can read on the Little 10days website;

Original dutch design
Created from the heart
To make fashion more easy
To make life more easy

Pure basics combining style and comfort
Unexpected details with exciting contrasts
To make fashion more fun
To make life more fun

Little 10days offers unisex clothing for children aged 3 to 10 years old.

I have ordered the sweater slubfleece and slimfit jogger slubfleece for Alexander. It might look like a simple grey set he’s wearing but wow, I haven’t seen cuts like these for a while and they have a great eye for detail. A little quote on the pocket as on the phograph below (on the sweater as well), white lines on both items and a cute little detail on the front as in the second photograph. Oh and before I forget to mention… The sweatpants really holds it’s shape.

The clothing is made from fine, soft and smooth materials. For Alexander absolute a number one priority, otherwise I will hear “Mummy, I don’t want to wear this!” But since he put on the nice new sweatpants (in love with the cut!) with his new sweater I only heard “Mummy, do I really have to take it off?!”

Little 10days collection is timeless, wearable, cool without overdoing it and all products are easy to combine. You can visit their webshop here.

unisex children's clothing brand

Dutch design

Little message

unisex children's clothing brand