My five-year-old son, Alexander, and I have a morning ritual that, more often than not, leaves my heart pounding with fear.

As soon as we leave our home for Alexander’s school, he speeds off into the distance faster than my legs will take me.

He dodges commuters on the crowded Parisian pavements with the confidence of a slalom skier, until he is so far away that I start to lose sight of him. Cars beep as he careers towards them and no amount of frantic calling on my part can catch his attention.

Passers-by who have clocked us look at me with a mixture of concern and disapproval, because my son is on a trottinette (repeat after me: tro-tee-net, the French word for scooter), without a helmet, and it is clear I have no control of him whatsoever.

I try not to worry because Alexander’s scooter makes my life infinitely more convenient. He is too old for a buggy and eventhough he can walk to school, Alexander loves riding his trottinette!

Last night I noticed that Kidshop has added the brand Scootaheadz to their webshop. Scootaheadz are colourful, funky accessories that make your child’s trottinete extra special. The cartoon-like characters attach simply to the t-bar of your child’s scooter and even fits some balance bikes and trikes.

Scootaheadz make ideal companions, you won’t hear them roaring or neighing when it’s time to go out in the rain, they’re happy whatever the weather. You will love them too as they are 100% waterproof, durable, solid and easy to clean. Once attached Scootaheadz are there to stay, and will survive even the wildest of scooting adventures!

Just added one to Alexander’s Christmas list..

Scootaheadz are available here




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