Bed Linen


Which one is your favourite?

1. Whether it’s warm outside or you’re dreaming of summer, wrap yourself up in this cool ice-cream and waffle cone reversible quilt cover. Keeping warm has never been so sweet. Add a sprinkle of toppings with our Sunday Sundae fitted sheet and pillowcase and make everyday a Sundae!

2. Let your little one have sweet dreams with this soft 100% organic cotton duvet cover and pillow case in patchwork! Availabe in 3 colours and different sizes.

3. Make every bedtime an exciting adventure on the seven seas with this fun and exciting duvet cover and pillowcase set.

4. Gray owl bed linen.

 5. We all know beds aren’t meant for jumping on. How many times did you hear it as a kid? That’s what trampolines are for. So this Trampoline Quilt Cover is, naturally, made only for sleeping purposes. It looks just like a trampoline. But it’s not – we repeat NOT – meant for jumping on.

6. Black mask pillow case and black & white harlequin print quilt cover.

7. Tug in your little ones in our high quality bedding. Only the best will do, so our KIDS bedding is made of 100% organic cotton and the duvet is closed with a zipper. The bedding comes in a matching tote bag – perfect for keeping toys and dolls on the way to the daycare.
Sweet dreams!

8Hola! Even when you sleep you can dance the night away with the impressive Flamenco Quilt Cover! It looks like a vintage flamenco dress has been laid out on the bed for someone to play dress-ups…but in fact it’s an ultra-high quality print of a dress discovered in Andalusia, Spain. It’s a truly unique find that will really make your child’s bedroom pop!

9. The patterns were inspired by the most known fish. It’s up to you to recognize luce, perch, trout, etc.