My husband has always been into skateboarding. He can’t skate to save his life, but he loves watching skate videos and even when we were on holiday in Miami his first stop was the legendary M.I.A skateshop to drool over skateboards and the skate videos.

So I honestly wasn’t sure who was more excited when this package from AJ’s Toy Boarders arrived.

If you’ve ever seen the old Bucket of Soliders you’ll be in familiar territory, small green plastic moulded men, but on this occasion the weapons of teeny destruction are replaced with Skateboards, Snowboards and Surfboards.

It was all i could do keep them sealed until Alexander got home from school, at which point he and his dad spent the next hour or so exercising their creative side building a lego skatepark with a colouring book snow ramp… and I caught some of it on video:

The toys are great fun, with figures in different action poses, there is even a film guy rolling along on his board, and as you can see it’s a toy thats easy for kids of any age to jump straight into.

Toy boarders

AJ's Toy Boarders

AJ's Toy Boarders

Alexander loves them, and so does his dad…… and the cat. You can shop AJ’s Toy Boarders directly from their website or at the webshop Orange Mayonnaise.