Kids Shoes


When I was little we used to go on holidays to Spain and not only to enjoy the beach.. No, my mum was also looking forward to these holidays so she could buy me shoes… Lots of shoes… Oh those cute dark blue ballerina’s…. I wish they would still fit me! So imagine my delight when I found nice trainers from the brand MAA, and found out that they were handmade in Spain.

So today a review of Alexander’s new Maa shoes, to be more precize, the C23 Malmo Ionio.

Beautiful hand made leather trainers in the colours blue and brown. The front of the shoes is made of suede and so is the star on the side. Don’t worry about your children having to tie their shoe laces all the time as there’s a zip on the side of the shoe so they can put it on by themsleves. Aren’t they awesome?! And so easy to combine… 

You can shop these shoes here or check out the rest of Maa’s collection here.


Alexander’s new shoes

Alexander in his new shoes

Ready to show them off at school

Maa shoes

Alexander on his way to school

Alexander in Maa

Very happy! 


Stop taking photographs mummy! I don’t want to be late!  Let’s run!