When you start looking for ideas to kit out your nursery, you will most likely be faced with lots of fussy designs and cartoon features. But not everyone wants a nursery that screams ‘baby!’. If the rest of your house is sleek and contemporary, there’s no reason you can’t carry the look into your baby’s room.

With careful thought, the colours, decorations and lighting can please young eyes and grown-up tastes alike. Be inspired by these stylish designs by the brand Lil’Gaea and create a space both you and your little one can enjoy.

White & Natural - lilgea

White & Natural

Lil’ Gaea’s focus is transition, from a baby to a toddler into a childhood, all these stages are designed to create an emotional connection between product and the user while decorating homes with soul and passion. As a subdivision of GAEAforms, Lil’ Gaea creates the ‘value’ in the form of entertainment, experience and self identity where the creations are timeless, natural forms that serve as simple solutions to both child’s and parents’ lifestyle needs.

1. Cloud S Wall Decor 
2. Rudolf S 
3. Letter 
4. Baby Wheels
5. Loop Drawers 
6. Milky Chair M 
7. Alphabet Set