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If you’ve been following Les Enfants a Paris for a while, you’ll know that most of our posts are colourful and hopefully eye-catching but this post is an exception.

Colour obviously helps the designs stand out, but in black-and-white the ability to stand out depends only on its ability to communicate rather than on its appealing visual presentation.

Indeed, beautiful black and white photography doesn’t attract with its palette of colours. Here close attention to composition, lighting, perspective and the context in the shot is as important in conveying the message as any colour.

So we’re proud to feature some truly beautiful black-and-white photography images of Adrian shot by Candice Cohen.


Adrian Diesel

Candice Cohen Photography


Adrian is wearing a T-shirt and jeans by one of my favourite brands, Diesel. Even though these jeans might look like normal jeans, the are Diesel’s Jogg Jeans. Introduced by Diesel last Summer they are more than likely to be an hit this season as well. This new style weave combines the iconic style and durability of denim with the relaxed attitude and comfort of sweatpants.

These jeans are amazingly soft, light and cosy but have all the advantages of being a woven denim fabric: which means they retain their shape better, and can be given stronger treatments and washes.

Don’t be surprised if your children kids don’t want to get off those pants anymore!

Visit Diesel here