Tresxics was founded in 2014 by Susana Enrich Palmés. Originally from Barcelona, she studied graphic design then worked as a web designer in the UK, before creating Tresxics following the birth of her three children.

Based in Barcelona, Tresxics design and make beautiful wall hooks, shelves and wall stickers. Their designs are neutral and timeless, and complement each other perfectly. The integrity of the manufacturing process is very important to them – their suppliers are local and everything is made in craft workshops in Barcelona. In the handling and packaging of its products, they works with the Àuria Group, a group of social entities that work together to create opportunities for work, social participation and to improve the lives of the disabled or those at risk of social exclusion.

As you can tell, we adore their products. With a range of colours and designs, we think there is at least one Tresxics piece perfectly suited to every modern nursery.

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