A doll or stuffed animal is the perfect childhood friend. Whether being pushed around in a toy pram, dragged up to a tree house or being tucked into bed at night, they’re a constant playmate and their soft arms are always ready for cuddles.

At our house there isn’t a doll that goes unloved, so you can imagine my delight when I came across the collection of sweet dolls and stuffed animals by Tokokoro.

Founded by Elena Rosa, Tokokoro is a world full of happy little characters made in Cologne for children and those of us who are young at heart. Mr. Fox and Sweet Sara

Meet Sweet Pippa. She is soft, available in 3 colours, loves to have fun and will make a great friend for your little girl. 

If Sweet Pippa isn’t quite what you’re looking for, maybe her friend Little Boy Sweet Tom, with his blond hair and striped T-shirt, will make the perfect new friend for your little one..

My son has already added ‘Sweet Tom’ and ‘Mr. Monkey‘ doll to his toy wish list. Personally, I’m adoring the animal collection, specifically Mr. Fox. He is just so cute.

sweet tomEvery Tokokoro doll is handmade with love and care. They are very soft and are made from 100% organic cotton. Tokokoro’s dolls are printed with “non toxic inks” and therefore suitable for the little one’s as well. And if they get dirty, they are totally washing machine proof.

Tokokoro’s dolls provides children of all ages with high quality handmade toys that are uniquely designed to be safe, colourful, appealing and adorable.  unique, creative and suitable for all.




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