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The older I get, the less fuss I want to make over my clothes and the less energy I have to do so. This could be problematic if it continues, as I’m only thirty-two, but for now, the results are paying off. Cue my newfound love of jumpsuits! They offer the best of both worlds, fashion and comfort, and are kind to my body (no matter what its current state) in a way that tight jeans and mini skirts just aren’t. I have worn them everywhere from playdates to a wedding, as well as countless aeroplanes. Versatile is an understatement.

And yes, I like them for children as well! Alexander had a jumpsuit last season and Pepper just got her new stylish leopard print sleeveless jumpsuit!

I honestly believe there’s no garment that makes getting dressed in the morning more effortless than a one piece suit. Just put it on, pair with some fabulous shoes and for girls some accessories and you are done! Off to school! Wear it with a short jacket when it isn’t warm enough yet.

Pepper’s jumpsuit is just the perfect summer outfit in my opinion for a 5-year-old girl; not too childish, not too grown-up, not too trendy, but just trendy enough.

Will you and your children be wearing a jumpsuit this season?

Pepper’s leopard print jumpsuit is available at Purestarters and now on sale.

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Pepper in Soft Gallery

Soft Gallery Leopard Suit


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Shoes available at Marie Puce.