I love Studio Delle Alpi ‘s eye-catching, colourful patterns, making the toys, in particular, perfect for play and display.

Studio Delle Alpi is founded in February 2012 by the two graphic designers Anne Kieffer and Arnaud Mouriamé. The creative duo aim to develop a series of furniture, home accessories and toys made out of silkscreen-printed multiplex wood. Their current collection includes stools, tables, childrens’ wall accessories and toys.

They make all of their products themselves using only natural materials and traditional printing techniques (water-based colours). Everything is sold in kit form and is very easy to assemble /disassemble ( no glue, no tools, no screws). Sounds great no?!

We have selected our favourite designs but feel free to check out the whole collection here

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Studio Delle Alpi




studio delle alpi


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The Milk Stool