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Summertime! We’re back home after two lovely sunny weeks in Spain. We really enjoyed spending time with the family and loved swimming in the pool, going to the beach to built sandcastles, swim in the sea…. and two weeks without wifi! I survived! 

Here are a couple of photographs of one of our days in Spain. To see the rest, visit our Instagram account account as my mum didn’t want the photograhs of her building sandcastles on the  blog! (I understand mum!)

Alexander is dressed in a T-shirt from the French brand Ma Locomotion. A brand that offers a range of vintage t-shirts inspired by the world of locomotion, transport and travel.  They love retro and the charm of old toys. They also like England, tea, cup cakes … and British cars! I find all the T-shirts very cool and original and definitely not only for boys!

A bientot!

Summertime Ma Locomotion

Just before going to the beach


Ready to go, bags packed.. There we go…


T-shirt Ma Locomotion, shorts I dig denim

Summertime in Spain

T-shirt road music rouge hibiscus



A walk on the beach…