I don’t know how it is for you, but my missy is an early riser. Once she’s awake she expects everyone else to be awake. We’ve tried explaining she needs to wait to hear my husband’s alarm but lying in a dark room not knowing when that will be is difficult for a small child and she inevitably ends up calling out for her parents until everyone is awake.

Luckily we received Sleep Trainer Sam for a review and were quite excited to give it a try.

Essentially it is a children’s alarm clock, but instead of large hands or numbers it uses colours to indicate when it’s ok for a child to get up.

The clock is in the shape of Sam the sheep. Sam goes to sleep when you put your little one to bed, he actually close his eyes and will light up his screen blue, meaning ‘It is time to sleep’. To also give them an idea ‘how long they need to hang on’, the 12 stars on the screen will disappear one by one, counting down the 30 remaining minutes. Then in the morning Sam has 2 wake-up settings, at a specific time, for example 7 am in the morning or after a set number of minutes, for example wake-up after 120 minutes (afternoon nap). When that wake up time arrives the face of the clock turns one colour when it’s not quite time and then when it’s ok for the child to get up the clock turns green, meaning it’s ok to get up.

We have tested Sam for a week and the result is amazing! From the first day she stayed in her room until is was time to wake up.

A sleep trainer and night light in one, what else do you want? Available here

Sam Sleeptrainer

We just installed Sleep trainer Sam in her bedroom. Will this sleep trainer work… YES it does!!

Bedroom inspiration


Almost time for an afternoon nap!


Just setting the alarm as I want her to wake up after 2 hours… This is me unlocking the system. 

Sound asleep

When Sam is asleep he closes his eyes… Night night… A demain!

Manuela de Juan

Dreaming about her lovely glitter shoes

Girls bedroom

Other items in Missy’s room: Bedlinen Soft Gallery via The Little Nordic Shop, Little Crown hearband via and so is the Garland