Room Seven, a brand to fall in love with…

Dutch based Room Seven provides a wide selection of colourful clothing, bedding, nightwear and children’s (room) accessories.

Creator Brecht Olsthoorn began her own clothing line in 1995 and called the boutique Room Seven, and since then she has developed a diverse and playful clothing, bedding and accessories range.

It’s not a complete surprise that Brecht ended up in fashion. She was already inspired at a young age by her mother, designer and founder of Oilily. Another well known Dutch brand.

Room Seven releases two bedding collections per year! She also designs an array of accessories for mothers, infant and children that include bibs, toys, and diaper bags. Room Seven also has its own line of backpacks and school bags so that your little one can carry her school books in style.

For girls Room Seven uses  retro flower prints with a variety of colors and patterns, such as stripes and checks. The colors used are taken straight from nature, such as ocean turquoise, sun yellow, and leaf green. For boys, Room Seven has chosen shades of red and blue. These are pairs with the natural tones of grey and white. This helps to give the clothing a marine look and feel.

A true treasure for kids!

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Room seven

Room seven

Room Seven