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Facebook can be a great way to find out about new designers and brands. For instance recently we discovered Italian based designer Miri Miru’s work and instantly fell in love with it.

Miriam, (the brain behind three brands ‘Nene’, ‘​Upa lalà’​ and ‘Miri Miru’), has been working in the fashion industry for quite some time now. Half Spanish, half Argentinian and based in Rome, Miriam is about as international as it gets and it really shows in her work.

Her love of handmade workmanships, drawing, painting, colour, wooden toys and crafts makes her diverse design work vibrant, colourful and always interesting.

The current collection of  ​‘Nene’ was inspired by the beautiful city Gaucho in Buenos Aires. Classic knits, graphic prints and fun are the key words here. A prime example of which is this tuxedo T-shirt.

Tuxedo T-shirt

We like the Gaucho trousers she designed as well. They are a modern update on the traditional Argentinian cowboy trousers, worn on the farms by ranchers, foremen,stockmen and workers alike. It makes perfect sense that this fun practical style is perfcet for kids.

It comes in many coulours and Miriams own words “To show the outfit off best this oufit is completed by a pair of alpargatas leaving the bottom buttons detached. Could this be the new cargo?”

​Miriam is on the process of updating here website but if you are interested in her clothes, she does have a Facebook page where you can see and purchase her work.

Miri Miru

Gaucho pants

Miri Miru NENE

Nene by Miri Miru