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“Once upon a time on a spring morning, co-founder Mitzi Rivas was strolling her baby Luca, asking herself a time-old question, How do I live a meaningful life that sets an example for my child? The thought popped into her head I want to spread joy! It wasn’t about a particular profession or path, but a feeling, an ethic, a way of working. Right on cue, a small parcel arrived in the mail from a friend. Enclosed, a beautiful pair of hand-made red leather shoes with a fox design. Mitzi, and everyone who saw them, including her dear friend and future business partner, Amie Garcia, fell in love. They were unlike anything she’d seen before. Whenever Luca wore the shoes, the refrain from strangers was constant “Where did you find those shoes?” And so the idea for Livie & Luca was born: it was to create something like they had seen.”

I was so excited when I received a parcel from Livie & Luca the other day. Summer finally arrived so no more boots, its time to show off those feet in some cool sandals. I’ve ordered the Barcelona Chocolate sandals and my little boy is really happy with them! The leather is so soft, they are very flexible and light, and are so easy to put on thanks to the velcro closure that he can even do it on his own.

Every pair of baby and toddler shoes are hand made, meaning they are as unique as the child who wears them…..

Livie & Luca shoes are available in Baby, Toddler 4-9, Little Kid 10-13 and Youth 1-4 (Amercian sizes).

Livie & Luca

Barcelona Chocolate Sandals

Livie & Luca

Happy with Livie & Luca

Livie & Luca strongly believes in creating a better world for our children and donates 10% of online sales to charity.

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