Just like daddy, my car does vroom-vroom, beep-beep, it’s a beauty, I take good care of it, it’s fast but it doesn’t break the speed limit…Only mine is seriously eco-friendly!

Playsam, a Swedish company created in 1984 by Carl Zedig, is the leading Scandinavian design company for executive wooden toys. These lovely wooden toys are sleek and simple and sure to delight kids and grownups alike.Recognized for excellence by the Swedish National Museum, Playsam’s collection of shiny wooden toy cars, rockets and more are fun to touch and easy on the eyes. The Scandinavian company brings quality design to the hands of children in basic forms that encourage the use of imagination. By designing objects that are both physically functional and inspiring, Playsam’s collection strives to develop intellectually creative minds.

Seriously attractive for both your kids and for your interior design!

Playsam is available at the webshop Dino Deluxe

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