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Tik Tok Frock – With extensive training in fashion and textiles, Carla Ferrarin is able to create textile prints from her own paintings, illustrations and other forms of mark making. In conjunction with her pattern making skills she is able to create garments that are not only eye catching pieces of artwork, but they are exceptionally functional with ease and comfort playing a major role in the design process.

Only the highest quality fabrics are used and wastage is kept to a bare minimum throughout every process during production at her home based studio in Melbourne.

Time for an interview with Carla!

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How would you describe your brand?

Tik Tok Junior is all about style but based on comfort, it’s big peoples clothes… made little. The coolest and most versatile pieces from my own wardrobe, made just as cool, but mini! With functionality always being kept in mind’ all pieces can withstand kiddies playtimes, comfy enough to nap in but also perform brilliantly when it comes time to wash. Hand drawn and painted illustrations will play a major part in future collections including the Winter 14 range which is already on its way.

What is the inspiration behind your SS14 collection?

My visual diary for SS14 includes sketch after sketch of insects and bugs and other creepy crawly’s that caught my eye. With their segmented bodies becoming the linework for panels that are featured throughout the range, colour palettes were kept very minimal, with natural hues amongst monochromatics being the fave. Splashes of colour here and there have been used in some co-ordinates too and the Winter 14 range will be of a very similar array.

What is your favorite piece from the collection?

My favourite piece in the SS14 collection would have to be the origami pants in concrete, they are comfy and fun with their patches and extra big pockets. Easy to wash, easy to get on and off… and most importantly they will make any little boy or girl look like a dude!

Do you have children? How does that influence your work?

I do, I have one son named Rafael. He turned one last month and is a major influence on my work, the junior range was actually brought about when I struggled to find pieces of clothing for him that are both functional, and trendy. He has also been a big help when it comes time to create patterns as most of my pieces are draped over his body and measurements.

What are the most rewarding and most challenging aspects of your job?

The most rewarding aspects of my job are definitely 1. seeing children around the world wearing my pieces in their pics, 2. the wonderful feedback that my customers often send me 3. and just being able to continuously ‘create’ has always been a passion of mine. I REALLY love what I do and I am hoping that 2014 will be a year of major growth for the new brand, which brings me to the most challenging aspect of my job- keeping up with marketing and advertising and letting the world see my creations, whilst at the same time, continuously creating new things and spending LOTS of quality time with my family too. I can quite often get stuck into the creative side of things and production, but forget about the promotional stuff, which could potentially be a bit of a flop!!

How would you describe your own personal style?

I am definitely a comfy dresser, most of the time you’ll find me in lounge wear, I make a lot of my own clothes also, in fact, most pieces in the childrens range are edited versions of favourites living in my own wardrobe!! Elastic waistbands, dropped crotches, in soft and comfy fabrics, teamed up with simple but edgy tshirts/sweats are always made good use of!!!

Where can our readers buy your brand?

At the moment Tik Tok Junior can only be purchased online at 


Tonka Tank

Sailor Stripe

origami grey