Looking for a gift for a child that is sure to be a winner this summer holidays? Look no further!

Ocarina is the first MP3 player with a built-in loudspeaker especially created for babies and children. Designed and made in Italy to fit small hands and still look cool (with a rétro 70s look), Ocarina is encased in non-toxic, shock and splash resistant rubber – ensuring your children can enjoy it without you having to worry!

ocarina-ocarina-baby-kids-mp3-player-redThe ergonomic handle makes it easy for children to carry it with them. Ocarina has an easy to use interface, parental controls that allow you to set the volume and devise playlists and a sleep timer that’s just perfect when putting children to sleep at night. With 4GB built right in, it can contain over 800 tracks and up to 100 minutes of recordings (10 recordings of 10 minutes each). Like a normal external memory, tracks are manageable by connecting to a computer via the cable included and the battery is rechargeable and lasts up to 15 hours and you can charge up the Ocarina mp3 player in just 3 hours.

The Ocarina MP3 player comes with 6 songs (3 songs in Italian and and 3 in French) and 3 stories in Italian already loaded – it’s never too early to expose your children to another language! 

The Ocarina is totally versatile – from playing lullabies in the nursery to adding music to a child’s outdoor birthday party – it makes a very fun and original gift!

Available in four colours here.

* note: Entirely covered with food grade rubber, Ocarina ensures absolute safety for your children at all times. Soft and silky, is made to be embraced, comforted, mistreated and…bitten.