I think you can tell a lot about someone by looking at their workspace. Perhaps it’s all business, perhaps a bit more fun. Maybe they keep it neat as a pin or a bit on the messy side?! Well, what can I say about mine?! Today it looks quite tidy, but it’s usually a complete mess with children’s clothes everywhere.

Either way I think a workspace is personal and I’m sharing my work space with you is because I recently bought a new print for my ‘office’ from the Dutch painter Nedda Nagel.

Nedda Nagel from studioCONFETTI finds inspiration in a wide variety of things, sometimes she get inspired by a movie or a song and at other times by a simple colour combination. She prefer illustrations with a strong use of color and always try to come up with a little story for each design. Someone who inspires her is Fiep Westendorp, a Dutch illustrator who is most famous for her illustrations for Annie MG Schmidt, a well-known writer of children’s books. 

I chose to go for the Parisian Girl Print, as it reminds me of when we first arrived in Paris. I was young, loved to go shopping for myself…. Sigh, that all changed once Alexander was born.

Want to see more of studioCONFETTI’s work? Feel free to visit their Etsy shop here

My very own work space

My own work space


I’m just over the moon so happy! Dont you just love the print?!


Time to go back to work and prepare for tomorrow’s photoshoot with Emily Kornya.

Items for tomorrows photoshot

Kidscase socks via Orange Mayonnaise

Bengh per Principesse cardigan

Striped jumper from Waddler

molo leggings and skirt

Book Tovi the penguin goes to London