When did your baby first smile? Or sit? Or walk?

The first year of a baby’s life is that amazing period filled with milestones and “first times”. And don’t we all want to capture and keep each of these magical moments?! Yet, “life happens”, and despite our best intentions, more often than not these milestones get lost in the shuffle. Not anymore. These beautifully illustrated Milestone Baby Cards make it easy to capture an image of your baby, each milestone, and the date-all in one priceless photo for your album and sharing online. Whether it’s that first real smile, that first time sleeping through the night, or that first unforgettable utterance of “ma-ma”, now you’ll have the ideal keepsake to enjoy the moment forever. I wish they were already on the market when my little one was born. This is the perfect gift for any expecting or new parent, as well as for you and your own baby.

Simply fill in the date and take a picture of your baby together with the card.

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Milestone Baby Cards

The set contains 30 cards with all the major milestones.

Milestone Baby Cards

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