I wish I had known about Louis Le Sec when Alexander was a little bit younger but even now, it would be cool to have some waterproof children’s bedding on his bed….

We all know accidents happen right?! Children wetting the bed, they get sick, spill water or milk in the bed… Well, why not make our lives easier with Louis Le Sec’s designs?!

Made of 100% cotton jersey and designed with an absorbent and organic polyurethane membrane that quickly absorbs spills and makes cleaning up half as hard. The super soft exterior made from 100% breathable cotton jersey keeps your tiny tot dry and super comfortable. Oh, before I forget to mention, good to know is that the fabric is perfect for sensitive or allergy prone skins as it creates a barrier against dust mites, bedwetting and much more!

When I opened a sample of a pillow cover from Louis Le Sec, I was truly surprised. It feels so different from what I expected cotton bed linen to feel like. And that’s why I’ve been intrigued by what Louis Le Sec offers for children.

Louis Le Sec Bedding sets and cotton bed linen is available in a range of colours and I heard the will add a new colour to their collection soon! So not only will it look great in any room, your toddler will love sleeping in this soft cotton bedding.



louis le sec

louis le sec


A close up of my favourite design ‘Un Conte dans la Forêt’.