If you were to take a walk around our house, you would find lots and lots of books. Books in piles, books on shelves, books tucked into drawers and in boxes in the closets. Novels and picture books, chapter books and textbooks. Books from when we were children. Books bought at the local independent bookstore. Books purchased from Amazon. Books in different languages… Lots and lots of books.

Reading is an integral part of our family. And yet—despite my assertion that we are a family of readers—many nights come and go without opening a book. We have a party to go to, they have to practice their musical instruments, or the children have a babysitter, or it just gets too late and the night slips away and the book sits on the bedside table unopened yet again. Plenty of afternoons come and go when the children would happily snuggle up to my side and listen to me narrate a story, but there is just too much to do. Laundry and dishes and lunches for tomorrow and dinner for tonight.

So many distractions. So much to do. And, with the introduction of not only television but computers and other devices, so much that satisfies their need for stories without involving me.

I suspect I’m not alone and I won’t give up. Even if it is only for five minutes at breakfast (a poem, a section from a devotional book, a few pages from a chapter book) or ten minutes before bed. When we are loving a new book, we tend to get upstairs earlier and bump baths and showers to the morning just to give ourselves a little more time with the story at hand.

‘Your childs favourite book’

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Loves to read books

Lazare reading

One more book

Lots of books

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