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To move overseas as a child is an experience he or she will never forget. For the best part, it will work to their advantage for the rest of their life. In the right environment it can give a child an edge that other children miss out on: for example a much stronger knowledge of and ability to relate to different cultures, a grounding in foreign languages that would be difficult to gain in single language families at home are the two most obvious ones.

But what about friendships? When living overseas, friendships are usually short-term. You may have just moved here, or are about to move somewhere else, and if that’s not the case, then your child’s best friend will tell him/her tomorrow that he/she is going back to home! After having lived abroad for quite some years now, I’m still not used to this and I wonder if Alexander likes our lifestyle?! He is still young and he easily makes new friends but how will he react when he is older? How do I tell him his best friends is not coming back after the holidays?

For the moment we all seem to enjoy living in France, although there are days that I find it frustrating but that’s a different story! And honestly, who doesn’t want to live in the city of lights for a couple of years?!

 Alexander and his ‘expat’ friend Faye



Good friends




Time to go home! A bientot Faye!

On his way home

Faye and Alexander are both dressed in Uno per Tutti. An Italian kids fashion brand created by founder and designer Morena Visentin. A brand for both boys and girls aged 2 – 10 years old.

Faye combined her dress with Saltwater sandals, available here

Alexander combined his outfit with his favourite Maa shoes, available here