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His very own favourits today on LEAP. When I asked Alexander about his favourite clothes the other day he answered that his favourite jumper is definitely this yellow Tootsa MacGinty jumper, featuring a lovely bright, cool, ice lolly. It’s bold, bright and fun and such a comfy summer knit! It turns heads and raise a smile even when the sky is grey. Eventhough we got this jumper last summer, they are back in stock and are now on sale! Visit Tootsa MacGinty’s webshop here

When it comes to shoes, well what can I say. He seems to be wearing MAÁ shoes almost every day, especially his ‘star one’s’. This pair he picked with help from Amanda and Manuela when we visited the MAÁ Shoes factory back in July. His first pair in size 28! He is getting so big! 

The MAÁ factory is a small, but productive family run factory, finishing 400-500 shoes a day for both the MAÁ’s and Manuela de Juan. Together with my parents, husband and Alexander we got to walk through the whole process of the shoes creation right up to the folding of the cardboard boxes and it was enlightening. At the end of our visit he got a pair of shoes but  told them he preferred blue one’s instead of the one’s they picked for him! I felt so embarrassed! Poor girls went back inside the factory with Alexander and 30 minutes later they came back out with these! Good choice if you ask me!

Did you know all their shoes are handcrafted? Yes there are machines that assist, but from the the first hand cutting of the leather by hand made tools, to the stitching and the wrapping of the sole every single step of the process is manually done – meaning each shoe is unique, and if we had wanted any better example of how much these shoes mean to all involved we arrived just as a meeting concerning quality control was finishing. 

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His very own favourites

Maa shoes


His very own favourites - Maa shoes


Blue shoes

Alexander in Maa shoes

You might think what’s the spade doing in this photograph but we’re on our way to the sand bit to find treasures!