Lil Gaea is a luxury, contemporary, ecological childrens’ furniture brand originally from Turkey founded by Pinar Yar Govsa and Tugrul Govsa, who are award winning designers and producers.

It all started when Pinar became a mum for the first time to her daughter Lila. Pinar and Tugrul started designing and producing toys and furniture for Lila. The collection was completed when Lila became a big sister to baby girl Iris. The design approach of Lil Gaea is like a simple cardboard box, creating clean, subtle and graphical forms to inspire imagination.

They believe small is beautiful and the designs reflect this beauty. The right choice of simple, natural as well as technologically advanced materials blend Lil Gaea’s designs harmoniously.

With the love for their children and design, Pinar and Tugrul continue to design, keeping in mind the health and safety of their children.

Many designs are adaptable so one can use them from newborn baby through to school age and every product is designed with love using ecological materials.


Toddlers take a special interest in the mirror or other reflective surfaces. Around 18 months, they recognize that the face looking back at him is his own. These products are meant to help them master the skill of recognizing themselves in the mirror. As they get older, they will play pretend games such as flying to the moon or sing and dance in front of the mirrors.

lilgaea bed

lil'gaea macaron seat

Seat is a playful reinterpretation of Macaron inspired by its soft colors. It is light enough to be picked up by a child and fun to turn it upside down to create an imaginative play. It is a joyful product to have in any room.

sandpool LIl Gaea

Lila’s Sandpool is a great way for kids to develop arm and hand motor skills, explore textures and consistency, and begin learning concepts like full and empty. Lila’s sandpool is an outdoor product or  an inside beach, kids to practice playing and sharing with others.

lil gaea crib

Foxy is a cot which one is sure to fall in love with. It is appealing with its soft colors and the choice of animal designs. It is environmentally friendly and above all the cot is evolutive, which a baby can grow up into a preschooler.

mirrow lilgaea


The Kule, a box storage system. It can be used separately as a side table or you can stack them up as you wish to form a bookshelf. You can go for different colours to add fun to the nursery or kid’s room.

lilgaea parc

This Tunnel Parc is designed for crowded families to welcome different ages of children to play at once. While a baby plays at the top layer of the parc, toddler or preschooler can play in the tunnel below at the same time.