If like me you are always on the hunt for great art for your home then you may be interested in Leona Rose. Especially if you are looking for a childs room.

I’m often looking for art for my sons room, because I feel art is made with the intention of stimulating thoughts and emotions. It can influence and affect senses, emotions, and intellect, encompassing a diverse range of human activities, creations, and modes of expression, including music, literature, film, photography, sculpture, and paintings.

Personally, there’s nothing I love much more than a happy, colourful piece of artwork, so I’m not afraid to admit it was love at first sight when I spied these prints by Leona Rose. They brought an instant smile to my face and I love the shot of colour they bring to any space. The collection radiates joy and several prints are available, making these a fab choice for the nursery or play room.

Leona Rose also provides the service to come to your house to create a mural in your children’s bed / playroom and offers drawing classes.

While all animal prints are undeniably cute, it’s the ‘Prune’ print that caught my eye. I think ‘Prune’ would be a perfect addidion to Alexander’s new bedroom.

Available direct from Leona Rose here.



Birthday card.


Spotted in the children’s boutique Maralex in Paris including my favourite Prune!


Wall art by Leona Rose.