Stackable, colourful and Lego-geek gorgeous, I don’t have to tell you why this is so amazing. The photos kind of speak for themselves, no?

As a child, I loved playing with Legos. As a parent, I am terrified at the thought of my children loving to play with Legos.

The mess! The injured feet! The baby will inevitably find a small one and eat it! The mess!

But, as the children get older and more obsessed with video games, I find myself wishing that they’d find an indoor activity to enjoy that doesn’t involve Mario & Luigi. And as I try to design their bedrooms, it occurred to me that they will finally be in a space that is their own. For the past almost seven months, they have had to share their lives, and toys, with their baby sister. And because that same baby sister has been known to eat anything and everything that she can find, they’ve been forced to stick to toys that are Sophie proof. With the impending completion of the bedroom remodel, we can put gates up to their rooms to keep the baby out.

They can finally have toys that are unsafe for children who are less than 3 years old!

So, with Thomas’s 7th birthday approaching, I found myself perusing the Lego selection at my local toyshop. Having their own space to play is one thing, but keeping all those little pieces off the floors and out of the bottom of my foot is another, so I also found myself surfing the internet in search of LEGO friendly storage and that’s when I came across these bricks that aren’t just a great way to store LEGOs, they’re actual working LEGOs, so you (and your children, if you’ll let them) can have fun building with LEGOs of a giant size.

Available from Kidshop in different colours here

The perfect solution for storing all that LEGO!


Put your favourite LEGO minifigures on display while storing them safely.


The perfect solution for storing all that LEGO!