Such a simple yet brilliant idea!  Just pop a Kattoo tattoo on your child’s arm, write your number in the space provided with the special Kattoo pen and you’re all set.

Kattoo’s temporary phone number tattoos are designed by two London mums. One day a friend of them lost their son for nearly 20 minutes… Any mothers biggest nightmare! This boy was too young to remember his mother’s phone number and this is what set them thinking… What could we do to reduce the worry of taking kids out and about?  

The product is simple but it works. Should your child get lost they can point to the number on their Katto tattoo and ask someone to call you. They advise you tell your children to ask another mummy for help.

Our family has tested the tattoos for the last couple of days and both my husband and I are convinced it’s a great idea. Its easy to apply and with the marker you just add your phone number. It can’t be removed like safety bracelets so it lasts for days. We have taken Alexander swimming twice and it’s still going strong. Obviously it’s no replacement for watching your child but it’s an added precaution and you can never be too careful.

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Kattoo Tattoo

Kattoo Tattoo

 Swimming with Kattoo