1. Rush hour wallpaper

2. This cool truck has a big job: delivering four colorful cars to their new homes. Its upper level lowers to let the cars drive on, then lifts smoothly to hold two of the cars when it’s time to roll out. Cars are compatible with wooden train tracks. Easy-load and lower ramps provide two levels for the vehicles

3. Little cars

4. Stack 10 wooden cars in this gated parking tower and top them with the sliding counter. Then see the cars drop down and the counter point to a lower number each time a car is removed from the bottom! With its imaginative design details and wonderfully simple mechanics, this clever toy is a captivating, educational way to play with sorting, matching, counting, and more!

5. Pillow

6. Little notebook with cars print

7. Create your own cars from cardboard 

Its all about cars today! Do your children play with cars? Cars