Some things just take you right back to child hood, like hopscotch. The game has been around for ages.  It’s as much a part of childhood as riding a bike or hula hooping.

As a child growing up in the city, there was always something delightful about going to the park and finding a hopscotch board already outlined on the pavement in vivid pink or blue chalk. For one thing, if you were like me, you never owned those fat chunks of chalk that everyone else seemed to have, nor did you have a clue where the magical chalk fairy—who most assuredly delivered it—could be found. In the same way you automatically had to run to a sweet store and spend an euro you found on the street, you just couldn’t pass up a hopscotch board without digging around on the ground for the perfect sized pebble and making your way from the 1 to the 2 to the 3—and so forth—without losing your balance.

Playing hopscotch outside is great but what about winter time though? Or rainy days?

We’ve rounded up some fun ways to create an indoor hopscotch. Check them out below…

And now a quick show of hands: how many of us plan on sneaking into the kids’ room during the day to play a quick game?


Rug by Kaos, available here.


A rug by the clever Italian design team, A/R Studio, available here.


Rug by Lilipinso available at Womb here.


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Hopscotch stickers available here.


Let little ones play a classic game of hopscotch even on rainy days with this plush and charming throw rug.

Available at Uncommongoods here.


Hopscotch DIY project found here.