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If you are a regular reader, you know that here at Les enfants a Paris, we make it a priority to introduce you to new brands and labels that you are not aware of.

Today we would like to introduce you to PRINCIPESQUE, a new fashion brand for children from Portugal. Time for an interview!

principesque-newbrand-interviewmondayWould you mind introducing yourself and your brand to our readers?

We are two friends (aged 36 and 39 years old) who in our two homes filled with princesses and princes created PRINCIPESQUE. A cool kids wear brand, entirely designed and created in Portugal, that’s not afraid of a little bit (OK, a lot!) of black & white.

What was your background prior to starting Principesque?

Neither of us had anything to do with the fashion area.

One is an engineer the other a manager, which ultimately helped the rational component of the business. However we always feel the need to feed and shape the creative bug that lives within us.

At what age did you first notice fashion around you?

At a young age. My earliest memories are of a story someone told me that when they told me I was beautiful, I replied: My mother wants to be …

What sort of clothes and or accessories did you enjoy wearing as a child and what did you hate wearing?

I loved skirts and hated pants and shorts.

300ppi Parte VI_54

Why did you decide to create Principesque? And where does the name of your brand come from?

We believe in encouraging difference. By that I mean we live for fun, fantasy and dress up. Symmetry bores us and we thrive on creativity, so why black & white?

Well, for starters, black is the sum of all colors, so energy abounds and light, well that comes straight from our kids, right? So how about we let our little ones put on their crowns, slip on one of our playful pieces and go about their day, make-believing and letting their imaginations run wild?

That’s what PRINCIPESQUE is all about: stepping outside your blues and pinks and inside a world where there are so many unique stories to tell.

Also each piece of clothing comes with playful accessories and our collection also includes a whole bunch of colorful companions that are ready to play? And that these characters are from the children’s books we’ll be launching with each collection?! That’s why our brand is named PRINCIPESQUE – stories to wear.

300ppi Parte V_2Can you tell us a bit more about your AW16 collection?

The CIRCUS COLLECTION: the inspiration behind their make-believe circus-themed collection was the magical world that unfolds inside giant tents, where dress-up and make-believe fills kids with happiness and awe. Who doesn’t want to run off and join the circus for a day or two?!

How does it feel to see a photo of a child wearing one of your creations?

Is it corny to say that we have no words?

What do you love most about your job?

Alternatives and ideas are an inexhaustible source. It’s what makes this profession a constant challenge.

What is your greatest strength?

Having a head that never stops.

What is your greatest weakness?

Anxiety in getting things done.

Do you have children?

Of course!!! We are both mothers: one has a 5 year old girl and a 2-year-old boy and the other has two girls aged 3 years and 6 months. It is from them we get our inspiration and most honest criticism.

300ppi Parte V_36

Where can we find your creations?

Step into PRINCIPESQUE’s awesome fairytale world by visiting our online shop and following our stories on Facebook and Instagram.

For any inquiries or additional information, drop them a line at

If one of our readers is in your city, which is Lisbon, for 24 hours. What things would you recommend they do?


Begin between Bairro Alto and Príncipe Real, leaning over the viewpoint of St. Peter of Alcantara. Enjoy the view of the river, the castle and the hill rooftops ahead and feel the morning sun in your face.

Say good day old man who walks his dog. If you have not eaten, take breakfast at the kiosk. If eaten, drink a coffee.

Go down the street of São Pedro de Alcântara enjoying the shops on both sides of the street, then you are in Largo Camões, the heart of the Chiado. There is to let the flow steps and discover the alleys that each corner keep a secret.

Go towards the Rossio and appreciate the railway station architecture. Have lunch in one of the many terraces or in the comfort of Solar dos Presuntos.


Continue down the street on your left until you reach the Martim Moniz. See if there is some exposure in the square, cross the road and turn left after the Igreja da Saúde. You are now in the Mouraria quarter.

Turn right when you see the statue of the Portuguese guitar and goes on till you see on the right, a door with the sign “Amigos da Severa”. This is the best place for drinking ginginha.

Climbing the Calçada do Marquês de Tancos already on the castle hill. Probably already surmised, because the street slope. Get some rest on the terrace of Chapitô. This set of white, red and yellow buildings surrounding a beautiful patio with different tables and chairs, a small herb garden, a tent and one of the best views of Lisbon and the Tagus River.

To the left, on the hill, it is the entrance to the Castle of São Jorge, but you will move on. Hear Fado in the air.

300ppi Parte V_50

When you get to the viewpoint of Santa Luzia you will have to decide whether you want to stay here and go explore Alfama, which is at your feet, or if you have had your dose of historic districts. You can not decide? Okay, does both: the electric pick 28 in the direction of Martim Moniz, and go through Alfama quickly, the way to the next destination. Enjoy the ride.

300ppi Parte V_87LATE AFTERNOON

Catch the electric 15 in Figueira Square. Will cross the low and head out from the center, in the direction of Alcântara. Asks the driver to indicate you the nearest LX Factory, an old industrial complex that has been abandoned for decades. It reopened in 2007 and has established itself as a “creative island” of Lisbon.

In Lx Factory, in buildings where the walls are decorated with urban art, can be found in stores, architectural offices and design, coworking spaces, visual arts producers, galleries, cafes, restaurants, bars and are new spaces open constantly .

Eating a slice of chocolate cake on Landeau and lose track of time in Ler Devagar, an incredible library lined with books from floor to ceiling, with two stories high. More than 150,000 books, new and used, in a space that is worth a visit alone.

300ppi Parte III_53


As you can see, there are many things to do in Lisbon. For the night, I suggest you two options:

Stay at Lx Factory. Dine in one of the restaurants and see if there is any party in one of the warehouses.

Take the electric back to the Cais do Sodre. You can dine in the cozy Café Tati, where the menu, internationally inspired, varies every day. Wednesdays are Jazz concerts (on Sunday afternoons as well). For Portuguese Fado and snacks, with minimalist decor, choose pel ‘The People.

The Rua Nova do Carvalho, better known as “Rose Street” (when you get there you understand why), it is all you need for the rest of the night. Drink a cocktail on Pensão Amor, but leave before they reach the crowds.