Have you really thought about the things that have brought you to where you are today? Or that your life would have been drastically different if you had followed a different path or taken another option or had not met a particular person in your life?

What about that big event that happened in your life that you will always remember and that totally shaped or changed your way of thinking and your actions?

We can always pinpoint down to the tiniest details the big things that have happened to us. Big things always seems so important and effective. But life isn’t about the big things. Most of us live our lives waiting for that big break. The type that throws you straight into limelight and money. We want big opportunities. We so eagerly chase the big things that we forget the small things that should lead up to the big things. We tend to overlook the small things in our lives. You don’t get a high grades by failing in all your exams except the final one.

Small is the new big. Small actions make up our habits. Small words make up our thoughts. Small actions make up our attitude and behaviour. Small things grow and are more efficient over time. The little things we overlook build up to the big ones.

The little things we do are actually the memories our families and friends have of us. A smile, the way you talk, the way you eat, and all that. Small things build friendships and relationships. So why become so engrossed with work that you don’t have time to do little things with your family and friends? Or become so obsessed with getting a big break that you miss the little chances you have along the way?

If you go away today, your loved ones will remember the little things about you. The way you smile, your scowl, what you would have done or said in a given situation and the way having you around made them feel.

Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. Little opportunities make a big break.

Happy Calendar reminds you to do these things. On each day, there’s a deed written like – GIVE A HUG, SMILE, or THANK SOMEONE. Doing one simple deed like this every day is guaranteed to change your life.

It all started in a small town in Estonia, when classmates from 8th grade started a student company as a part of an Economy-class task. The idea to create something different, to create something that matters came reality. Although at first, the calendar had its flaws, it was a sensation in the town, and every piece of it was sold out within a few weeks.

How the founder came up with the idea? The founder Rudolf says: “I started looking for ways to bring happiness to people around me. My sister was an artist and her art inspired me to make a calendar, that would have good deeds on every day. It gained huge popularity in my hometown. Seven years from releasing my first calendar, I am publishing it for the first time to happiness seekers around the world.”

Mission to make the world smile more. The founder says, the mission is bigger than just bringing up some smiles in his small home country. He wants to make the whole world happier, and that’s why this year for the first time, the calendar is available worldwide. Achieving this mission is probably unreachable, but you gotta dream big. Even if it takes one person at a time, he’s confident the Happy Calendar can change lives.

The calendar comes in different styles and formats and its packed in a beautiful box, so it can be easily gifted.

Have look on their website here


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